Unpack your baggage

and start saying goodbye to the drama

baggage 3Enough is enough: it’s time to move forward

It’s fair to say that life’s put you through the wringer. Maybe you’ve been through a divorce, a relationship breakup, or some other kind of life trauma.

Regardless, you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and uncertain. You know deep down that you’re strong, but you can’t seem to connect with that strength any more. The sense of clarity you used to have has totally evaporated.

You want to start fresh, and put the past firmly behind you.  And yet somehow, you watch yourself repeating the same old patterns over and over.

It’s time to get help.

Unpack Your Baggage will help you start putting the past IN the past

Unpack Your Baggage is a personalised assessment + coaching package that will help you understand how to break free of the drama.  It’s a brilliantly simple two-part package that includes:

  • A quick, easy-to-complete 70-question online assessment* (expect it to take just 20-30 minutes to fill out).
  • A powerful one-hour consult with me to work through your results, and help you figure out what to do differently going forward.


But don’t let its simplicity deceive you… here are the results you can expect from the package


  • You’ll notice when you’re starting to fall into the patterns of the past and find your way out of them… instead of watching yourself floundering around, stuck in them.
  • You’ll recognise your personal triggers and start consciously choosing your responses… instead of wondering, frustrated, how you keep ending up in the same place over and over.
  • You’ll understand how to sidestep unnecessary drama and save your energy for more important things… instead of collapsing into an exhausted heap every time an argument blows up.


 Jen Louden“What I adored about doing this assessment with Tina is I got to see very clearly where and how I trip myself up and how to do things differently. It was so clear and tied in so beautifully with other ways of knowing myself. This assessment is a strong practical clarification tool – so worthwhile and Tina is a compassionate guide to applying it.”  
Jennifer LoudenAuthor, Teacher, Creator of the Savor & Serve Project



Get the self-knowledge of WEEKS of coaching…

at half the price (and in less than half the time!)

Unpack Your Baggage is a powerful toolset that distills the essence of a much longer coaching program into less than 2 hours.

You’d probably need to work with an average coach for a full month to uncover the depth of self-knowledge you’ll get from this package.  Assuming that coach charged you a very conservative $100/hour, you’d expect to pay $400 – at minimum – for the same results.

But Unpack Your Baggage is just $180 – which means you’ll get those results for half the price, and in a fraction of the time.


Simplicity works best.


Unpacking Your Baggage is quick and simple!

  • The moment you click that big, orange “buy button”, you’ll go straight through to a payment and scheduling screen.
  • From there, pick a time for your consult, and then pay for the package.
  • Within 24 hours of your payment going through, you’ll get an email containing the link to your individual assessment.  You can fill in the assessment at any time within 5 days of receiving your link.
  • Once I receive your assessment results, I’ll spend some time analysing them for you, and preparing your consult.
  • We’ll talk… and by the end of our conversation, you’ll walk away with the insight and self-knowledge you need to start putting your baggage firmly in the past.


Lauren “This assessment was perfect for giving me some awareness around what i do and where my default patterns lie. It was so enlightening to hear (from Tina) and see (from the visual results) how I bounce between two energies when I’m stressed so that I can work to change that. It’s helped me be much more conscious. Thanks, Tina!!!”  
Lauren Fritsch, Success Strategist and Founder of The Coaching Collective 


Is Unpack Your Baggage right for you?

Unpack Your Baggage is designed for you if you’re:

  • Sick and tired of seeing your life hijacked by drama
  • Willing to be vulnerable enough to honestly answer the assessment questions
  • Open to acknowledging the part you’ve played in creating the patterns of your past
  • Ready to move forward and leave your baggage behind you

It probably won’t help you if you’re:

  • Still finding your feet after a divorce or other life trauma
  • Looking for a magic wand that will “fix” you without requiring you to actually do anything
  • Simply seeking validation for “the way things are”, rather than wanting to move forward


Got a question about Unpack Your Baggage?

If there’s something you’d like to ask, I’d love to answer it for you.

Just email me, and I’ll try to respond within 48 hours.


Simplicity works best.

*The Unpack your Baggage Process includes the Energy Leadership Index Assessment created by Bruce Schneider, Ph.D., and is licensed through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.


**Photo courtesy of Parmiter Antiques Southsea Luggage

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