Turning over leaves

All in a row
It’s August 1.

It’s still summer here but there is a definite shift in the air. We’re moving into my favorite time of year, when summer turns to fall. Back to school sales, new pens and notebooks, summer activities are winding down… there is a sense of preparing and planning all around me. (And it means my birthday is coming!)

Whenever this time of year rolls around I can feel it call to me. The siren song of the Virgo deep inside…

Get into a routine, Organize your space, Get all the ducks in a row!


Yesterday I updated my availability to reflect my fall schedule, and I thought a little about how I wanted to structure my life and my business… more coaching? HELL YES!… more tarot & new bone readings? DEFINITELY… more blending of practicality and spirituality… OOHH YEAH!… more blogging? ummm…

If you’ve been around a while you will know I am not the most consistent of bloggers. Not because I don’t want to be, there is just this resistance. And then Amethyst Mahoney issued me a challenge! (Ok so she issued a lot of folks a challenge but you know, timing and openness, and all that.) 

The 30 Day Magic Up Your Blog Challenge

So here we are. Day 1. 

Now, I don’t have any illusions that I am going to blog every day and I have no idea what I will blog about. But I am going to shoot for 10 posts in August and I hope it will be as valuable for you as it will for me. I’d like this to be an opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better, so please comment and share when something speaks to you.

So tell me…

Do you feel a shift in the seasons where you are?

What’s calling to your soul right now?


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  1. Gwynne Montgomery on August 2, 2014 at 8:21 pm

    I am definitely feeling/seeing a shift in not only the weather (though it’s still hot during the day, it’s cooling off at night), I’m also feeling/seeing a shift in the energies. 2014 has been oppressive, but as we creep closer to 2015, there is relief coming. I could literally feel it as soon as August 1st hit!

    And as a Virgo, I’m DEFINITELY feeling the push to get more organized! School supply sales are my downfall! I’ve been going crazy for whiteboards, pens, paper, and clipboards lately!