Soul Posse Rules of the Road

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Welcome to the Soul Posse!

I’m so glad you’re here and hot on the trail of the things that feed your soul!

We are a diverse group with individual beliefs who have come together for conversation and community. We’ll talk about all manner of things here, spiritual and mundane, all with the goal of helping you create a life of passion, power, and purpose. Following the guidelines below will make this experience as rich and positive as possible.


Rules of the Road:

The NUMBER ONE Principle or Rule of the Group is that anything said or posted in the group, stays in the group unless permission is asked and received.

Introduce yourself! Get to know us and let us get to know you. What do you want us to know about you and share a fun fact or personal quirk that we might not guess about you.

Ask questions, but be thoughtful. Ask about experiences, thoughts, and feelings. If your question is about basic info and facts, hit Google first. If you think the question may have been asked before try the search function to see if the topic has been covered.

Play well with others. Remember that everyone is experiencing the Group in their own way and what may not be a big deal to you, may be very significant to someone else. Be kind to yourself & others. Let go of expectations; allow yourself to be surprised even during challenges.

This is a safe place for conversation, fun, and sometimes deep personal experimentation. It’s not a place for self-promotion -unless there is a specific promo thread.  This group is, however, one piece of my larger work at Open Roads Coaching and I may share other ways you can work with me beyond this arena and share my own offerings.


Weekly Topics :

I’ll start the thread for the daily topic. You can respond to that thread or if you want to start some discussion you can start a thread of your own and designate it [today’s topic].  I’ll also throw out some deeper questions here and there during the week.

Monday Mission: What are your intentions for the week? What you want to do/ feel/ have/know by the time the weekend rolls around?

Take Care Tuesday: Self care is vital to your health! What are you going to do for yourself his week?

What’s New Wednesday: Tell us what you are doing/reading/listening to/watching. Share the links to things you love so we can see if we love them too.

The Real Deal Thursday:  Life is not all sugary and sweet. Sometimes things get messy. What’s real for you right now? Tell us in words or pictures.

Friday Funday: What was fun for you this week? What do you want to celebrate? Do you have something fun planned for the weekend?

Weekend Soul Roundup: What’s feeding your soul and inspiring you?


Have fun and allow yourself to be open and engaged in the process.  Ask for help & offer support. Ask questions & share your knowledge.

Be present. Get involved!

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