Coaching and Spiritual Services

This list includes both coaching and spiritual services. The descriptions are short and to the point but if you have questions about any of them please shoot me an email. I am always happy to hear from you and to answer your questions!
Here’s the sweet low down, the nitty gritty, the scoop:

  • Currently I am also working a full time day job so my hours for coaching and reading are limited to evenings and weekends, and I can only take 4 appointments per week.
  • Payment must be in full at time of purchase and sessions must be started within 30 Days of purchase – However, if the calendar is full I will happily extend the start dates for your sessions.
  • All packages can be purchased through the form at the bottom of the page. Once payment is received I will contact you within 24 hours (usually less) to schedule the appointment.

… and the lineup!

map-marker2  Single Coaching Session – $50

Got an issue you just need to work through? We can talk it through and come up with some next steps for moving forward. This is a one shot session of 60 minutes that’s all about you and where you want to be.

map-marker2  4 Pack of Coaching – $200

This is a 4 pack of 60 minute sessions that are all about you and where you want to be. We can take a good look at where you are and where you want to be, get you out of the stuck, and come up with some next steps for moving forward.

map-marker2  Personal Energy Clearing – $20

Energy clearing clears away the schmutz from your energetic bodies. This is the kind of stuff that can make you feel foggy, scattered, or unclear. For this service I will conduct a remote energetic clearing and send you an email with any notes or insights that came up during the session.

map-marker2  Tarot Reading (live or via email) – $25

A personalized reading on one question of your choice. Can be done via phone/Skype or on email.

map-marker2  Tarot+Coaching – $55

Tarot + Coaching sessions allow me to bring together the insights of tarot and the process of coaching. It’s a little twist on gaining insight into your current situation and looking at where to go from here. This session can also be used if you have a more complex/multi question situation that you want a tarot reading about.

map-marker2  Bone Reading – $50

Bone readings allow me to bring together many years of spiritual training and practice, coaching, and contemporary bone reading techniques. The readings use a combination of man made curios and natural materials (bones, stones, roots, and shells) which are cast onto a reading cloth and information is interpreted based on their position and context. It’s a unique and fun way of gaining insight into your current situation, or upcoming plans.

map-marker2  Bones+Coaching – $75

Bone Reading + Coaching includes both a bone reading and a full coaching session to process the information received and to create a plan of next steps for you to move forward.

map-marker2  Ritual Design – $50

Whether you want to create a daily ritual for yourself or celebrate a special rite of passage, Ritual Design sessions give you an opportunity to talk through what you are looking for in this sacred time and together we will create the structure of your ritual. Package includes a 60 minute session and a written recap and/or ritual outline.


Are you ready?

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