Client Reflections: Sarah

I know that it can be hard to see how something like coaching can apply to you, so I asked my client Sarah,  if she would answer a few questions about her experience working with me.

Sarah had been divorced about 5 months when we started working together and was dealing with a lot of emotions around the divorce and her new status as a single mom.


Here’s what she had to say…


diamond heartWhat was the tipping point that prompted you to hire a coach?

I knew I was in the middle of something I couldn’t handle by myself and that I needed to speak with someone else for good ideas on how to move forward.  What I was doing wasn’t working.

I’d had counselors before, but never a coach.  I didn’t know what coaches did, precisely, but thankfully I do now because it’s not the same thing.  A life coach can give you perspective and ideas.  It’s all about looking at things in new ways.


What were you struggling with / feeling stuck on when you first reached out to me?

I was really feeling like my divorce made me a bad person, like I was hurting my parents, friends and daughter all for my own selfishness.  I felt like God wouldn’t approve of what I’d done so that really left me with no one to talk to.


What was the most surprising/ transformative / life-shifting part of your experience with me?

There was a distinct moment when I said to myself, “You know, it really doesn’t have to be this way.  I don’t want to choose this anymore.”  We both celebrated.


Tell me about the shifts that you recognized during our time together?

I’m a quiet person but I really put myself out there making friends – I’ve expanded my circle and I know how not-alone I am.  I see that I can bring something to other people’s lives in that way.

Tina also had me give up saying “Sorry” in prayer over Lent, which was radical for me.  I wasn’t always successful but it really made me reframe my patterns.

And measuring things against how I actually want to feel was revolutionary.  Do I want to feel stuck and unlovable?  No?  Then it’s time to change.


and now…?

I’m reprioritizing the things that make me happy, bumping them up.  I’m taking a new job that’s not without risk but definitely exciting and I’m saying “Yes” to more experiences when I’d normally stay in my comfortable homebody rut.  And I know that when I don’t have what I need, I have the tools I need to get help or perspective.

 Tina brought love to my life when I really didn’t believe that was possible.  She was the second set of eyes I really needed.

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