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I’m Tina, and I am your Chief Foglifter and Transformation Tour guide. If you want to find out more about me you can do that here.

So what do we do at Open Roads Coaching?

Well… We all go through times of transition in life. Big or small, planned or unplanned, life changes course on us all of the time. I am  here to help  you navigate those transitions and to create a path to your goals. All of the parts of Open Roads work towards that end.

There is lots to see so let me map it out for you.

Preparing for the Journey


Before you head off on an adventure to the unknown, it’s a good idea to get some idea of the culture and language of the place you are going. On the Open Roads blog and newsletter I share with you both my own observations and experiences, and thoughts and questions to help you figure out the culture of your own transformation.

Here are a few of my favorite posts.


Starting where you are


Often when we face a transition it’s a good idea to take stock of where you are. We can take a snapshot of your current energy map so that you can see your energetic peaks and valleys and an idea of where you can start to shift it to move forward.  The Energy Assessment can show you where you are stuck and what is holding your energy back. You can find out more about that here.


Setting the course


Sometimes when you are finding your way down the twisty path of life it helps to have something to keep you on the right track. I created the ebook Navigating Life by Your Own Values Compass to do just that. The ebook walks you through the process of defining the core of your values and using them to prioritize your commitments and make difficult decisions a little easier.

The ebook is free when you sign up for the Open Roads Coaching Newsletter.


Getting on the road


It can be hard to see where you are headed when the road ahead is full of twists and turns! It can make you feel overwhelmed and can even stir up some fears.

It’s helpful to have someone to shine a light on things as you move forward. As your coach I can bring some of that focus to your process. Together we can explore how you are moving through your process and create a plan to move forward on your journey.  (This is my favorite part of the job!!) For more information about coaching check out the Individual Coaching page.

There are also Group Coaching opportunities for exploring your journey. Group coaching is a great way to get the benefits of coaching at a lower price. There is also power in community and groups can help give you context and perspective as you address old stories and other obstacles on your path.


Backpack Bonuses


I am betting that when you travel you load up your backpack (or carryon) with books and games, and you fill your iPod with music and podcasts to keep yourself entertained. Backpack Bonuses are extra goodies to fill your backpack and keep you going on your journey.


So there you are!


I hope you will enjoy your exploration of the site and that you will share your thoughts on the blog posts! I can’t wait to get to know you and to be your travel guide down the road of life!

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