Life Keys Tarot

Life Keys Tarot: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living


Life Keys Tarot: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living combines the art of tarot reading with the deeper exploration into self that coaching brings.

It’s like checking the weather forecast for the month ahead.

Tarot can be a really useful tool for getting a heads up about what kinds of energies and patterns to be aware of as you make plans and move forward in life.

Coaching principles can take that to a deeper level by helping you recognize how your own thoughts and behaviors show up.

The monthly Life Keys Tarot forecast gives you a heads up about what you might experience in the coming month so that you can pay attention and respond accordingly.

What you will get


  • a newsletter showing the tarot card for the month and it’s explanation
  • coaching questions to help you see how it applies to your life
  • a meditation to help you take it to the next level.


  • A group conference call to talk about what you have experienced and help you process and apply that information


  • A Wheel of the Year birthday tarot reading and coaching session to get a more personalized view of what is coming up for you and to help you start planning your goals.

You can get Life Keys Tarot for just $15 a month!