Kind Words

I love Tina for her ability to give advice kindly & compassionately, but without bullshit. She’s there to help me guard my boundaries and shore them up where I didn’t even know they were broken, and to give me a kick in the pants when I need it. She’s great with catching it when I’m hedging myself without even realizing it – genius coaching in action.

“Before my Values Compass session with Tina, I thought I knew what I valued. I’ve been coached before. I’ve read mountains of self-help books. I thought I knew this stuff.  Tina’s intuitive approach led me to some really important insights about myself and how I approach situations. She created a compassionate space for me to look at things I hadn’t examined before. With her help, some ongoing issues became clear. Tina gave me some steps I could take immediately to work on what we uncovered. I highly recommend this process to anyone.”

“I received so much insight from this session with Tina! [Unpack Your Baggage]  is more of an intuitive energy assessment; where after taking a questionnaire she helps you see where you are in your life in both a broad way and also a more precise way. Through speaking about different personal situations in my life, she really gave amazing insights as to where my personal strengths and weaknesses are. I can see where the positive energies are influencing my life and where the negative energies are influencing my life, and now that I have a clear vision of what each of them are I am able to use that information more fully and clearly. I am truly thankful!”

“Tina helped me discover the wisdom buried inside myself. She guided me to the place where I knew what to do next, then suggested practical tools to ensure success. She blends insight with pragmatism so you can see your true self, the person you’re meant to be. I would recommend her process to anyone.”

“Tina has a very easy way of working with her clients, always holding the space for them to do the work they want to do. My experience with Tina allowed for serious progress in a number of areas in my life that are important to me. She has a great gift of intuition and is very organized in the way she works with clients.”

“Tina was the first life coach I ever worked with on a regular basis. As an actively introspective, self-reflecting person, I figured I knew myself very well. And yet, I found her compassion, humor, intuition and insight helped me plumb depths I hadn’t dared to explore. I am forever grateful for Tina’s help in shifting my energy to create the more positive foundation I needed to build my dream life.”

“I was impressed with Tina’s personable and straightforward way of addressing issues I want to work on. She has a great way of getting to the heart of the problem and offering ways I might find a solution that will work for me.”

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