I’m Extending the Sale. Let Me Tell You Why.

I decided to keep the sale going until Friday. As I write this, there are 6 spaces left in the Course Corrections group, and 4 spaces left in Busting Your Big Fat Lies.

There are a few reasons that I decided to keep the sale going for a few more days and I want to share them with you. (They mostly relate to Course Corrections, but the sale is on all groups)

1. I know that you have goals.
I know that you have things you want to do to change your life. How do I know? Because we ALL do. If we aren’t striving for growth or challenging ourselves to do something more, life gets stale and stagnant.

Whether it feels too small, or crazy huge, or it’s so scary or personal that you don’t want to share it with anyone else, THAT’S OK! The process will still work for you, it’s transferable to future goals, and there is totally a way to do it without telling the group what your secret goal is (though I suspect that you may get enough comfort and support from the group to at least say it once!)

I shared a little taste of what’s in store for you earlier this week, but that’s just the beginning.

I really want you to play with this process and to experience this huge shift in your perspective and your momentum. It will be transformative, and I want to help you get there.

2. It really is a smokin’ deal. 

Individual coaching with me costs an average of $75-$100/hour, so I thought about what kind of value you would get from 6 weeks of coaching in a small group and set a group price… and then I dropped it even lower to $120 – which is only $20 a week … and then I had the idea for the Foolish Sale and I cut it in half!

So you get SIX WEEKS of intimate small group coaching for just $60! That’s like $10 a week. But I can’t keep that price forever; I have bills to pay too, so the sale will end on Friday.

3. I didn’t give you enough time.
The decision to have this sale was totally last minute. It came to me in a dream (no, really) so I just ran with it. The sale Started on a Sunday, which means most of you were off doing wonderful weekend things and didn’t even see it until Monday.

But that meant that I didn’t give you any time to make a decision.  I get that you want to be thoughtful about where your money goes, that’s very smart, so I want to give you some time to think.

4. And finally – and I admit this is totally selfish – I REALLY want to do this group!
I have cool stuff planned for it. Stuff like maps, and rewards, and funky landmarks, and code names for top secret goals that you don’t want to share. It’s going to be motivating… and productive… and FUN.

So go!

Go now!

Take advantage of this opportunity.

We’ll get you moving on the road to your goals big or small, and have fun doing it.