Your Personal Energy Assessment

If you could draw a picture of your energy, what would it look like?

Image by Jtellier photography under creative commons license

Imagine a hot air balloon, brightly colored and beautiful against the morning sky, fire burning at its core. It hovers low to the ground at first, and then, one by one the ropes are released, and it begins to rise. Up and up and then slowing, hovering again… until the sandbags are cut loose. As the sandbags fall away the balloon rises again, higher and higher, brilliant in the sky.

Your spirit is like a hot air balloon, filled with heat from the fire in your belly… the fire in your heart.

But, like the balloon, you are weighed down. Not by sandbags and ropes, but by the negative energy created by stress, overwhelm, and the scattered feeling of being pulled in too many directions at once.

What if there was a way to start to loosen and maybe even release those ropes and sandbags weighing you down and keeping you from your true passion and purpose?

I can help you with that

Now, I understand that you don’t live in a vacuum, and outside stress makers are present in everyone’s lives. But understanding your own energy distribution and what triggers stress and overwhelm makes you better able to respond rather than react.

“What I adored about doing this assessment with Tina is I got to see very clearly where and how I trip myself up and how to do things differently. It was so clear and tied in so beautifully with other ways of knowing myself. The energy assessment is a strong practical clarification tool – so worthwhile and Tina is a compassionate guide to applying it.”  

Jennifer Louden, Author, Teacher, Creator of the Savor & Serve Project


The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is an assessment tool that can show you how your energy, both positive and negative, is effecting the way you relate to yourself and everyone (and everything) around you. It can help you identify areas of your life that are most affected, and show you where your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can either help or hinder you.

A different kind of assessment

Personality assessments, such as Myers-Briggs, measure static aspects of your personality that describe the foundation of who you are, which can be great information to have. The Energy Leadership Index is different.  This online questionnaire shows you where your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes distribute your energy among seven levels that range from apathy to ecstasy.

After taking the assessment, we will schedule a 1 hour assessment review to go over your results and talk about what they mean to your life.

You will learn:

  • your average resonating level (where your energy averages out throughout the day)
  • your energetic make up under normal circumstances
  • your energetic make up under stress
  • what areas of life are affecting your energy

Once you understand your assessment, you will begin to recognize patterns of thought and behavior in yourself, which will enable you to adjust how you respond to situations, giving you a better handle on your situations.

In other words… once you know where the sandbags are, you can start to loosen the ties that hold them.

I think the Energy Leadership Assessment is great! It was perfect for giving me some awareness around what I do and where my default patterns lie. It was so enlightening to hear (from Tina) and see (from the visual results) how I bounce between two energies when I’m stressed so that I can work to change that. Being able to see where I spend the majority of my energy and how that impacts my personal life and my business has been so valuable. It’s helped me be much more conscious when I drop to a lower energy level and then I get to move consciously to one I desire more. Thanks Tina!!!

~ Lauren Fritsch, Creator of The Magnetism Factor, Co-Founder of LifeShifted


Are you ready to explore your energy and learn how it affects your ability to fly?

What you will get:

  • Access to the 84 question online assessment tool
  • Assessment Review lasting up to 60 minutes
  • A PDF copy of your results
  • An understanding of where you get stuck and how to recognize it
  • The ability to shift the stuck so you can move forward

Your Personal Energy Leadership Assessment – $275


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