Busting Your Big Fat Lies (Denver)

Busting Your Big Fat Lies: Sticking it to Your Inner Critic (Denver Locals)


“You can’t do that! They will figure you out!”

“You’ll never have enough time/money…”

“You’re too old/young/fat/skinny…”

We have all heard some version of these statements (and others) and they can cut us right to our core. Most often we hear them in our own heads. Stories perpetuated by those little voices we call gremlins, monsters, brain rats… our ‘Inner Mean Girl’.

I am here to tell you that these are all lies!

These are stories that were created in our heads as a defense mechanism to keep us small and safe, but you don’t need them to keep you safe anymore. It’s time to stand in your full power. It’s time to BUST those big fat lies that play over and over in your head.

It is time to step out from under the influence of your ‘Inner Mean Girl’ and write yourself a new story!

Using the book Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves by Amy Ahlers, as a guide, this group will delve deeper into what your inner critic is really trying to tell you and what it will take to get away from your “Inner Mean Girl” and create a new way to relate to yourself and others.

We’ll turn things around and use the root of you stories to support you in taking the wheel and steering in the direction you want to go.

In order to get the best results possible, I am limiting this group to 6 participants. The group will run for 6 weeks beginning Monday April 9, 2012.  Group will be in the evening, start time and location to be announced.

This group is now full and registration is closed!


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