My Journey


Unsettled Thoughts slip and slide through my brain like ribbon Rhythmic gymnastic loops and twirls just out of reach Taunting and teasing me with whispered promises Body twitches and mind spins Restless and ready to move Grasping at flashes of color and form Slipping through needy fingers aching to grab hold Ready to turn shadow…

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#14Days … from a different angle

On Monday, October 6th CBSNews kicks off the #14 Days on the Wagon campaign to bring awareness to the struggles that accompany recovery from addiciton. The challenge to give up alcohol, drugs, etc. for 14 days is a chance to provide support and solidarity to those in recovery, and also to potential jumpstart the process…

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Sovereignty and Feeling it in my Core

If you have been around here for the last couple of years you might recall that every year I choose a focus word. (You can find last year’s here, and the year before here.) This year I am doing things a little differently. I still have a word – while I’ll talk about in a…

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