Over the River and through the Woods

Over the River and Through the Woods:

A Map for Making it Through the Holidays

Holidays can be chaotic and stressful with family dinners, gift giving, mall crowds, and more. It can make you crazy!

This easy to read 30 page workbook is full of fun planning pages to set you up to stay sane and get the most out of the holidays.

The activities are super simple and give you the basic survival skills with the most powerful results.

In these pages you will:

  • Find out the basics of reducing holiday stress
  • Learn to stay centered and shield yourself from negative energy
  • Identify the traditions you love and create new ones
  • Choose meaningful gifts that speak to the heart of the recipient
  • and MORE!

Take a peek inside!


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The Silver Package

includes 2 audio files which lead you through centering and shielding exercises that keep you calm and focused

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The Gold Package

includes the centering & shielding audio, and a 30 minute coaching session so that you can take it a step further and tailor your plan to your own specific holiday experience.

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