Backpack Bonuses

Backpack Bonuses are extra bits of goodness that you can put in your pack as you travel your path. Here you will find e-books, audio files, and freebies that I have created to aid you on your journey.

Over the River and Through the Woods: A Map for Making it Through the Holidays

Holidays can be chaotic and stressful with family dinners, gift giving, mall crowds, and more. It can make you crazy!

This 30 page workbook is full of worksheets & planning pages so you can stay sane and get the most out of the holidays. To find out more and to get a sneak peek inside click here!

Navigating Your Life with Your Own Values Compass

How often do you find yourself feeling pulled in every direction at once? How to you prioritize all of the things you have to do and still fit in the ones you want to do?

I wrote Navigating Your Life with Your Own Values Compass as a guide to work through those questions. The workbook guides you through the process of defining your core values, creating your Values Compass and learning how to use it for prioritization and decision making.

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