Are You Satisfied?

Last week we talked about change and that in order to change your life you have to be ready to step up and step into the work. Change is big and scary and can be really overwhelming, and when things get overwhelming it can be really difficult to know where to start making shifts.

This week, let’s talk about where to start.

When you hit that point in your life when you are ready to make change happen, and you don’t know exactly where to start or what to change, it help to have a good sense of where you are.

So many people just move through their lives on automatic pilot. They are stuck in their routine, they never question, never seek more, they just go through the motions, and a lot of times they bitch and complain about how unhappy they are, but never do anything about it!

You know the kind of people that I am talking about, right? The ones who, when you see their profile picture come up on FaceBook you groan and contemplate scrolling past quickly, or even unfriending them, but you don’t because you feel bad for them and you have known them for a long time.

Hell, you may have even been one of those people, but not anymore.

That’s not you!

You are ready to take a good hard look at all of the areas of your life and see where you are.

What areas are you really satisfied with? Where is there room for change? What drains your energy? What lifts you up?

Let’s start by breaking it down into areas of life.

For my own practice I have 6 areas that I look at:

Body/Health – Body image, fitness, eating habits, illness, stress, mental health, etc. all fall under this section.

Mind – Learning, intellectual stimulation, mental focus, personal development, exploring hobbies, etc … these are all in the mental realm.

Spirit – This one is for connection to core values, beliefs, religion, connection to your internal spirit, creativity, meditation, and any other practice that makes you feel connected.

Money/Work – Financial health, career, other jobs, and your big work in the world (even if it isn’t where you get your money), those go here.

Relationships – As I mentioned earlier, this includes friends, family, and intimate relationships.

Personal environment – Here is where you look at the world around you and how you interact with it. Including, your home, your communities, volunteering, the town you live in, your relationship with nature, etc.

You can get creative with this… Maybe by breaking it down into very specific areas like taking relationships and dividing it into friends, family, and intimate relationships, and looking at each section, but I like to keep things simple.

Now that you know what the areas are, the simplest way to assess them is on a scale of 1-10. I have a handy little printable here to help you do that.

When you are considering what number to assign the area, it helps to ask yourself a few questions.  Let’s use Money/Work  as an example.

How do I feel when it’s time to pay the bills?

If there is an emergency am I covered?

How do I feel about going to work every day?

How do I feel when payday comes around? 

Your feelings on any of those questions (and I am sure you can come up with more) will give you an indication of how satisfied you are with that part of your life.

If you think something is a 10, ask yourself if there is anything that would make it better. A 10 is totally possible in any given area, but if you had 10s across the board you wouldn’t be making changes, right?

The final step in the process is to look at all of your scores and ask yourself…

What would it be like if it was 1 number higher?

What will it take to get me there?

It’s a deceptively simple process. But once you know where you are, you can start heading towards where you want to be.

Now go!

Print out the Personal Satisfaction Survey and see where you are right now.