10 Random Things…

If you are looking for the “official” About page with all of the philosophy & qualifications type stuff, you can find that here.

But, right now, I give you…

10 Random Things About Me

Corazon Libre 2004

    1. I make art sometimes. Mostly mixed media –paint and collage, with a little bit of assemblage mixed in. I have even sold some of my art and had a piece shown in a gallery as part of a benefit for the women’s shelters in Juarez, Mexico.
    2. I have a menagerie of animals including cats, dogs, fish, and a tortoise named Sidney Poitier (who was named after an episode of South Park in which Sidney Poitier turns into a Gamera style mechaturtle). Our naming process is very much based on stream of consciousness and we have cats named after people & monkeys, and fish named after Klingons, just to give you some examples.
    3. I love cartoons and often watch them at night as a “brain cleaner” before bed… My Little Pony, Batman (Brave and the Bold), Phineas & Ferb, and Gargoyles are some of my favorites.
    4. My viewing tastes run the gamut from love sappy teen movies to crime shows, and “blood & swords movies”. I am also a bit of a geek and love Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Buffy, etc. – though I am not a huge fan of dystopian societies or alien movies.
    5. I am very committed to my spiritual path and practice. My studio (office) doubles as a temple with meditation space, altars, and shelves full of books, tarot cards, and bottles of various goodies.
    6. I have a goofy sense of humor that is based on a lot of puns, made up words, interpretive renditions of songs, and random (and often obscure) TV and movie references.
    7. I love cake, and salted caramel. These things are the ambrosia of legends. If you put them together… *fans self*
    8. I have a deep connection to the music of the band Incubus and the lyrical genius of their lead singer Brandon Boyd… though I am not a crazy groupie and I have never seen them live.
    9. I can get really competitive and my brain holds a lot of random trivia – especially of the pop culture variety, so watch out if you ever play a game with me. (Seriously, my brother and sister can confirm that I am ruthless when we play rummy!)
    10. I come from a long line of giving people. Being of service and sharing what I have with others is hugely important to me. I always donate to charity even if it’s not as much as I’d like, and I volunteer.

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