About Tina

Hi! I’m Tina Robbins, Values Navigator, Chief Foglifter, Vision Scout, Spiritual Explorer, and Core Spirit Coach

On the Road to Re-enchantment

I have always loved fairy tales, mythology and anything mystical or enchanted. I believe magic exists in the world and that we have only to shift our gaze a tiny bit to see it.

It hovers on the edge of our existence.

We believe in it when we are little, but for whatever reason (there are so many theories) we lose that belief as we get older.

I believe that our world has become disenchanted, and many of us individually have become disenchanted with the world and with our lives.

We are overwhelmed with responsibilities and obligations, and we have lost our own sense of wonder and magic.

We can get it back.

We can become re-enchanted with ourselves and we can transform our lives into something that brings us peace and beauty and happiness.

The way to do that is by looking within and figuring out what our most important values are and why they are important to us. By getting deeply connected with our values, and making small, steady changes (and occasionally big ones!) we can begin to find our own magic.

By re-enchanting ourselves, we create ripples of beauty and love that drift out into the world around us. We are one pebble in the world pond, one butterfly spreading its wings, and our actions, our choices, create change.

Drive Your Life

As your coach, I will partner with you to determine what you want to do to re-enchant your life. We will explore your values, and create a plan that mixes practical and energetic change.

We will evaluate all of the different directions life is pulling you in and come up with a strategy for prioritizing and decision making so that you can do the things that move you towards your goals and learn to say no to the ones that pull you away from them.

Also, we will make sure that you have a self-care strategy so that you have more energy to connect, grow, and thrive as you grab the keys, take the wheel, and drive your own life in the direction of your enchantment.

I’m packin’ the woo

I find my enchantment in creating art and photographing flowers. I also spend time with my love, and my menagerie of animals. I read tarot, and I’ve spent the last 15 years on a journey of magic, mystery, and spirituality which helped me figure out how to focus my energy and pursue my true passion through coaching.

I have a bit of the geek in me. I love Star Wars, Star Trek, and Dr. Who, and of course Firefly, Buffy, and Angel. I am a sucker for those sappy teenage senior year romantic comedies (think Say Anything, Clueless, and the like), I love cartoons, and Bollywood and Bhangra make me dance.

and I bring the practical stuff too

I have a BA in Psychology and Sociology, and I am a Certified Professional Coach and an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

I have over 10 years of experience teaching spiritually-based classes and workshops and leading group rituals for up to 50 people.

I am also a former Wicca editor and Creativity editor for BellaOnline.com. My art and writing has been featured in the (now out of print) zines IQ and Mysterium and in e-Artella.

Now that you know a little about me, I look forward to learning more about you!

What is your passion? How can I help you re-enchant your world and transform your life?

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