3 Steps to Letting Your Inner Superhero Out

I was planning to write a whole different blog post when Cake’s song Short Skirt/Long Jacket popped up on the iTunes. I love this song. I want to be this woman with a “mind like a diamond”. I want “a voice that is dark like tinted glass”. It makes me giggle and it feels like it would be really powerful.

A modern day wonder woman with “fingernails that shine like justice!”

Interestingly enough, I have seen a few blogs lately that are talking about superpowers and others talking about outfitting yourself in a way that helps you do our work.

Anyway…I decided that I want to define my superpower and find some accoutrements that support it! I know you are all going to want to figure out your own superpower too right?

Ok,I thought, this is a fab idea. So how do we do it? How do we figure out what our superpowers are?

I decided to become my own client and walk myself through the process that I would use if someone else came to me with that question.

What I figured out is that there are 3 steps to bringing your inner superhero to life.

Step 1: Gather information

What are you good at?

What do you like to do?

What do other people come to you for?

There are two ways to get this information: Asking yourself and asking other people.

Asking myself

I figured out that what I am good at is taking a big picture idea and breaking it into smaller, more actionable pieces. I can see how he pieces fit together and I have a good mind for taking them down to task level. This is a pretty good skill, I think, and a lot of people struggle with it.

I can also do this in reverse! I can take a bunch of things and figure out how they fit the big picture, and help people see how the important pieces tie to their values. Then we figure out how to get it all organized in a way that helps them keep it all together.

Asking other people

I decided to do this kind of late so I cheated a little here and used some information from an assignment I had done in the past where we asked friends what was awesome about us.  So I dug out my notes and they said:
Always there for a reality check
(hmmm there may be something to that).

I also remembered that a friend once said that he appreciated the way I wield my Occam’s razor. (and really, how superhero does that sound?)

**Occam’s razor is the principle that says the simplest
explanation is often the one we need to look at

Assignment: Call 3-5 friends and ask them what they think your super power is or what they think you are really great at


So there it is

I am an Occam’s razor wielding, reality checking , superhero who gets to the heart of things and helps people pull all of the pieces together.


What the hell kinds of accoutrements go with THAT?

Good question! Which brings me to…

Step 2: Search your feelings

What is it that you want to use your superpower for?

For me, this is about being an awesome coach and a successful businesswoman, and my superpowers will benefit both of those desires. So the next question is:

What does it feel like to step into that persona? (close your eyes and REALLY step into what it feels like to be that person)

What does it feel like to be an awesome coach? It feels exhilarating to hear someone reach the epiphany where everything clicks together. It is beautiful and magical. I am filled with such amazement and awe of the power of our minds and the depth of our emotions.

What does it feel like to be a successful business woman? It feels strong and I feel confident, like I can do anything.  There is the power of being connected to creativity and wisdom. I feel myself standing taller and looking at the world directly without trying to hide.

Write out your description and look for words that show emotion or body feel. (I highlighted my words above)

I still don’t see any accoutrements!

Right! That comes next.

Step 3: Invoke your inner superhero

What symbolizes those qualities to you?

I came up with 2 possible things that hold this symbolism for me, the peacock and the owl. For me, the peacock symbolizes beauty and passion, and there is a lot of mythology around the world about the “all-seeing” eyes of the peacock’s tail.

The owl, for me, is a symbol of wisdom and knowing, of connection to the Divine and to my intuition. Owls see long distances in the darkness and shadows. It is an image I have been connected to for a long time and there is power in it for me.

What can you do to bring those qualities into your life in a tangible way?

This is where it gets fun.

I thought about things other people have done to bring a little of that superpower out in themselves. Havi Brooks has her sovereignty boots, Goddess Leonie has her blue cowboy hat, and other friends have things they wear or keep nearby when they want to bring the feeling that the item invokes for them.

In a lot of religious traditions there are items of clothing or jewelry that hold a ceremonial significance as well. In the Catholic church the priests have particular vestments that are put on in a particular order, and when the priests are wearing them they are prepared to become a connection to the Divine.

Similarly, in many pagan traditions the wearing of amber and/or jet jewelry brings to the priest or priestess a power of connection to the Divine and to those who have gone before.

When these items are worn it shifts the wearer into a place where they and the power connect.

So how can I connect with the power and the feelings I talked about above in my daily life?

After some thought and a LOT of etsy surfing, I decided that what I want is a bracelet. A cuff bracelet with an owl or peacock on it that I can wear when I am talking to clients, meeting with business people, or writing a blog post. I will be able to wear it anywhere that I want to bring the beauty, wisdom, and strength that speaks to me of my superpower.

Like Wonder Woman!

So there you have it! Three steps to bringing your inner superhero out!

  1. Gather information
  2. Search your feelings
  3. Invoke your inner superhero

I hope you will all come back and tell me all about your superhero process in the comment section! And I will post a picture of my super bracelet as soon as I have it!